The Thing

La Cosa, il cui vero nome è Benjamin Jacob Grimm, è un personaggio dei fumetti Marvel creato da Stan Lee e Jack Kirby nel 1961; fa parte del gruppo dei Fantastici Quattro.
Il suo creatore grafico, Jack Kirby, per Ben Grimm si è ispirato ai tratti di Michael Conrad nel disegnarlo.

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2001 Kirby Odissey

Da qualche parte, in qualche mondo parallelo, è probabile che Jack Kirby stia ancora disegnando l'inimmaginabile.


Jimmy Olsen

Jack Kirby's Fourth World

Kirby began by introducing a secret "D.N.A. Project" to create Mutated Humans for Good, also adding "The Hairies" (a group of technology-equipped hippies), superbeings from other planets (proto-New Gods), Intergang, and Morgan Edge... and reintroduced his 1940s Newsboy Legion characters.
About halfway through his run, Kirby introduced vampires, the Loch Ness Monster, and Victor Volcanum, the fire-eating archcriminal. Readership quickly dropped back to its pre-Kirby levels.
Kirby's tenure on the series ended with issue #148; and with issue #164 (April–May 1974) Jimmy's book was folded into the anthology title Superman Family.In that book, Olsen became a more serious character who battled criminals as an investigative reporter known as "Mr. Action" in urban crime stories that rarely involved Superman.

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